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Play Online Poker with Titan Poker
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Titan Poker Review


Play Online Poker with Titan Poker

  • Summary 

    Titan Poker is one of my preferred rooms on the iPoker network and typically the ideal among the network of players. It’s basically what they offer that makes them such an attractive room. The games are well targeted so finding a limit game in the wee hours of the night is never a problem. They are a fully licensed and regulated room by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and have never had any negative reports. An impressive feature is they support over a dozen different languages and multiple choices for currencies. UK players can play in Euros if they choose or even British Pounds so you’re not limited to just using dollars and you always know what it is your taking to the table. The tournament promotions are always massive in terms of prizes like the €1 Million dollar freerolls event, the World Challenge or seats to the Grosvenor Poker Tour along with the European Championship of Online Poker.

  • Bonuses and Free $25

    Titan Poker offers a great bonus of 100% match up to $500. I have personally spoke with Titan Poker to work an even better deal. By signing up for Titan Poker from this page you will not only receive the 100% bonus, but you will also receive a free $25 in your poker account upon depositing. On top of all of this, I have also arranged for you to automatically be eligible for all f the freerolls hosted by

  • Competition

    As far as competition, I find each room has its own level of competition and feel for the game. Titan can be very loose at the micro levels right up to the €2/€4 limit games. Until you reach the mid stakes you will be playing a field of players who like lots of action, and will play their hands till the river. Titan statistically shows a pre-flop viewed percentage of 55% so you will need to decide if you want to play the loose games or bump it up a level to a more competitive game, and these lobby stats will help you decide.

  • Games

    The most visited ring games is the Texas Holdem like most rooms but they do have quite a bit of action at the Omaha and Stud tables. I have found that peak hours make these games prime targets of interest but after that the traffic does drop off. You can play ring games in various formats such as Heads up, Full Ring, Shorthanded, Turbo as well as tables with a “No Disconnection Policy.”Beginners can find stakes as low as 1c/2c , however Titan will only allow you to play in these games for a certain period of time as they are for beginners. After that you will need to move up a step. Ring games will climb to the €100/€200 levels but the most action you can find right now is the €20/€40 NL. Titan has a fixed rate of 5% rake which is taken from each pot up to a maximum of €3.

  • Tournaments

    TitanPoker offers some pretty impressive tournaments including seats to some of the live events that take place across Europe as well as globally. I prefer the guaranteed payment tournaments and more so those that take place when the traffic seems to subside. I have cashed in more games that are held in the evenings at Titan than anywhere else because of this. That being said, the tournaments featured during the day can hold some tight competition if you find the right ones. Low buy in games are loose, highly populated and very fast. If you want to avoid these games, look towards the tournaments where the buyin is at least €20 and above. You will find they offer a better poker game and the prize pools are fairly decent. The largest GP Titan has to offer is a weekly €75,000 GP Rebuy event with qualifiers held daily. Since Titan is predominantly a UK poker room most of the tournaments packages they give away are for live events held within Europe. Currently they are giving away seats to the ECOOP, Grosvenor UK Poker Tour and a Mediterranean’s Poker Cruise.

  • Software

    The Titan software has gone through some major overhauls the last six months and is now up to par as far as the industry standard goes. They have integrated some new lobby features such as menu filters that automatically separate your games for you or you can take that to the next step and customize the filter so the stakes are those that you wish to play. All your in lobby stats are available such as average pot size, hands per hour which is typically 120/hr, along with pre flop percentage. The poker room is Poker Tracker compatible for Holdem and Omaha. One of the key features that I really like is the ease in multi tabling. You have the options to play full screen, in a 4 x 4 screen, or can resize the tables yourself allowing control over your own viewing. This is done very easily with no interruptions to your game. The table graphics are three dimensional but do need an update. There is nothing overly unique in this department. Table stats are well delivered. Most of your game stats are found within the chat window but if you want extra details you can view them in a popup which will give you all your info on hands played, what your folding percentage is and where. Overall, Titan Poker offers a stable program that’s powered by Playtech ( so you know it delivers) and all the way around it’s a well-built card room.

  • Customer Support

    The Titan support team is one of the best there is. Unlike other rooms you will be given an individual one on one treatment. They offer services by email, live chat, and a toll free number based out of the UK. The live chat support team are called floor managers. This means they know this company inside and out. Titan is the only room I have seen online where I requested a manager and was able to talk to a manager just as you would a regular casino. Not to mention these people will instant message you with extra offers and incentives, as well as make sure you are enjoying the poker room. I have not seen this done anywhere else.

  • Deposits and Withdraws

    The deposit and withdraw methods are available in a wide selection. Withdraws take 24 hours to process but once this is done payments are issued quickly. They also have an express cheque method which depending on what country you are in is very quick. Deposit methods include; VISA, MasterCard, Citadel, NETeller, FirePay, MoneyBookers, InstaCash, InstaDebit, EcoCard, UseMyBank, wire transfer, bank draft and personal checks.